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new to REW - after purchasing DSP1124 more than 5 years ago! finally found the
time to connect it up and spend a solid day learning and playing around with REW

Setup Background
Adire audio Tempest 15inch
Home made cabinet strictly to adire specification
"adire overdamped vented alignment" 214L cabinet, tuned to 15.4 Hz
SUb AMP Dayton audio 1000W rack mount
AVR : Yamaha Aventage A2020
Speakers : Main wharfedale Diamond 8.4; others wharfedale matching

initial REW SPL tests on each speaker posted below
It looks like I have some serious room/placement issues?

1) using YPAO to do "auto EQ"
YPAO messes with subwoofer and mains (across entire band) no way to stop it!
2) YPAO persists in beliving L,R and C are all "large" (certainly true for mains)
However when measuring L+R with different "size" set in AVR setup (aka crossover freq for mains to sub)
it can be seen they have some bad behaviours (room placement issue??)
I have manually overiden spkr size "after" YPAO runs
3) combined L+R+sub measurement using mains crossover at 60Hz appears to give best response (before any
filters in 1124)
(AVR allows setting of "large" (no crossover) or 40,60,80,100Hz etc )

1) what is preffered order to use Yamaha YPAO?
eg before EQ subwoofer with REW filters for DSP1124
or after?
2) to get the benefit of YPAO at the higher frequencies, there is no way to avoid
running YPAO?
aside from manually modifying (deleting) YPAO EQ filters?
Presumably the YPAO L R filters should not be touched (1124 of course has no control)
Delete the sub YPAO filters?
or leave them and then REW correct sub after YPAO? (see Q1)
3) the "similiarity in freq response between all 3 speakers (L,R,sub) when measured separate
suggests the room is having a large (consistent) impact?
4) is my current placement/setup "beyond correction"
5) am i correct in selecting the 60Hz crossover for mains to get better pre EQ response?
(from the combined effect of L+R+sub using 60Hz crossover for mains)

apologies for all the questions "out of the gate" .... but spent many hours pondering and playing..
Now for you experts to weigh in (be gentle pls)

edit :eek:ops - I did pre read the graph instructions, dont know why graphs changed to 6Hz at bottom end! my bad


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No comments on graphs from anyone?

This was my first use of REW ... So would surely appreciate any comments
Also any help or direction re the questions I posed

Thanks in anticipation

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I'll give your post a look over for ya.... Might not be the most expert of responses, but I've EQ'ed with REW and a BFD parametric EQ. will prob be later in the PM. Hang tight!

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Use the RTA in REW to find the best placement for speakers and sub, then run YPAO.

I own a Yamaha Z9 receiver (fantastic receiver). Personally i have disabled YPAO (didn't do a good job) and use a outboard EQ for full range. With the Yamaha the PEQ are manually adjustable. Does yours have this?

Post the full range and waterfall measurement graphs as well, to give more a off a look.
Did you post graphs with no YPAO EQ?

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is my current placement/setup "beyond correction"
Some quick questions for you:

1) Is the room closed or open (archways, missing wall)?
2) What are the room dimensions (LxWxH)?
3) Where are the speakers/subs placed?
4) Where is the primary seat placed?

If you have a diagram, that would answer the questions above.

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guys - many thanks for responding
and apology for my tardy response
... since posting the graphs etc .. ive now taken a new job ... in a different country ...
hence I will be moving out of current rented apartment within 1 month
hence no value in my spending more time on setup in existing room/house
and don't want to waste your efforts at this time unnecessarily

I very much appreciate your responses... and will at a future time pop up again .... after a house
pack, shipping overseas and unpack and setup .....

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Thanks ... Nothing like living in a hotel with bad AV equipment ... To REALLY make you Appreciate your

Own system!! .
... And how BAD audio can be made to sound:)

This is international move number four .... So I'm getting good? At it
..... Untill The new location .... It's an IPAD and portable dock for me.... And reading home theatre shack posts ... With
Intense jealousy and frustration ... But lots of time to read and learn!

... Later
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