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Foo Fighters - I Am a River (Sonic Highways, Apple Music/AirPlay)

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Interstellar (Blu-Ray)


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Review Environment
Peter Loeser

Peter’s Home Theater
The evaluation of this equipment was conducted in a 14"3" x 16'10" (2300ft³) sealed home theater with Dolby Atmos capability. Subwoofer placement is determined by ear and frequency response measurements for best response before any EQ or room correction is applied. All measurements are taken with Room EQ Wizard and a MiniDSP UMIK-1 (calibrated by MiniDSP). In most cases, the majority of the review is done from the main listening position, however subjective evaluation may also be done from multiple locations to test uniform system response throughout the seating area. The room has been treated with GIK Acoustics 244 panels (8 total) and Tri-Traps (4 total).

Audio Equipment
Receiver: Anthem MRX-710
Mains: Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2
Center: Paradigm Reference Studio CC v2
Surrounds: Chase Home Theater M1 Monitor
Atmos/Height: Home Theater Direct MP-R80
Subwoofer: Power Sound Audio XS30se (x2)

Video and Source Equipment
Display: LG PV250 60" Plasma TV
Blu-ray Player: Pioneer BDP-85FD
Media Streaming: Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi
Media Server: Mac Mini Server with Plex Media Server

HDMI: Monoprice/Rosewill with Redmere
Speaker: Monoprice 12ga CL2 in-wall
Sub/Interconnect: Monoprice CL2 RG6 Coax
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