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SOLD: 123" Stewart Filmscreen Frame with Firehawk screen - $375

SOLD -- 123" Stewart Filmscreen Frame (3.5") with Firehawk screen. (http://stewartfilmscreen.com). 123" diagonal screen. Overall measurements (including frame) are 114" x 67". Good condition and designed for use in multi-purpose rooms or dedicated home theater rooms where ambient light may be a factor. Stewart Filmscreen's frames are designed with an easy snap mounting system so screen material can be changed out in the future if desired.

I currently use this in our home theater room with a BenQ 1080P projector and the picture is excellent.

Pictures attached show a few movie scenes (BenQ 1080P projector with the Avatar Blu-Ray movie) with side sconce lights on to give an idea of its ability to create a great image in different lighting. Please excuse the towels too on the bottom and top of the screen as we removed it from the wall before taking pictures as our new screen is soon to be installed. New version of this screen (SNDQ Firehawk G4) is over $3,000. Selling this model for $375.


Images can be found on Dallas craigslist post (http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/5286306642.html)
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