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My father-in-law asked me for some advice when I saw him over the weekend. He's thinking about getting a 42" flat panel and blu-ray player.

He wanted to know how he can hook up his new blu ray player to his Bose 3-2-1 system. :unbelievable:

He told me he's sent his Bose unit back three times for repair. :eek: He wants to keep it because he likes the fact that the speakers are tiny and unobtrusive. Poor thing, he wears hearing aids and even with that he has to crank the system to understand dialog. In the past, I've tried to explain to him that quality speakers would help intelligability, but he doesn' have the room in his built in wall unit, much less the interest, to put in proper speakers.

He's also not interested in rewiring. Since the Bose uses proprietary plugs, that's pretty much what it would take.

Money is not a problem. I'm seriously considering taking my Ascend HTM-200 compact speakers plus an amp and CD player and doing an A/B test for him. If he can hear the difference, then I'd try to convince him to ditch the Bose, get a $300 or $400 5.1 A/V receiver and three Ascend HTM-200's and a small sub (perhaps an Outlaw). I'd set it up for him. I think think an L/C/R setup would really help him, especially if he ran the center a little hot.

I did a little research on the Bose 3-2-1 system. User reviews indicate breakage is a common problem. It's a shame Bose sells such poorly designed, shoddily made products. It's too bad that people like my father-in-law fall for their marketing and buy this junk.
I am no Bose fan, but they are not unique in selling products that are poor in terms of reliability. The practice is driven by the sustained desire for cheap, yet complex electronics. Similar products from other vendors are not that different.
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