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posting this for a friend, email me at [email protected]

1. Product:

Usher 6.0

2. Specs:

6 channel Home amplifier

8 Ohm/20Hz-20kHz:

125W(ch) x6ch

8 Ohm/20Hz-20kHz: 134W(ch)

4 Ohm/20Hz-20kHz: 228W(ch)

Damping factor: >73.5

S/N ratio: 98.5dB

Weight: 87 lbs

Dimension (w x d x h): 18.9" x 20.5" x 8.7"

Shipping weight: 94 lbs/pc

Shipping box (w x d x h): 24.0" x 24.0" x 12.6"

3. Description/Condition:

Very clean. I traded the standard metal front for a wood grain one. Has a very light scratch. Can be replaced.

Also no power cord.

4. Price: :

$2200 shipped OBO. Weighs a bit over 100lbs crated up.

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