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You guys are welcome to a free email account using our secure server.


This is a secure server and is highly spam protected.

If you would like an account, let me know and I will set you with an account and temporary password.

Once I send this info to you, do the following:

Go to http://www.htshack.com/webmail

If it warns you of a certificate violation... make a permanent exception.

You will be redirected to our secure server and asked for login info.

Enter your full email address for the username and the temporary password I issue you.

You will then see the three various webmail programs available if you want an online webmail program.

Below those three webmail links are other links, one of which is Change Password. You will need to change it to whatever you so desire. You may also wish to turn on BoxTrapper, which will block spam mail cold. It requires anyone sending you mail to first go through a verification process. Our regular spamassassin is already turned on and pretty stiff as it is, but you may want the stop cold method.

If you want to use a traditional mail client like Outlook or what I use, Mozilla Thunderbird, you can click on the Configure Mail Client link and get all the info you need.
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