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Austin, TX ONLY!

It's big, it's ugly, but it's free and it works! Speaker does not come with it.
13.3 cu.ft tuned to 18hz with an 8" port.

If you're without the tools to build your own box and just want something free and don't care what it looks like, then this is for you!

I originally built this for an eD 190v.2 18" subwoofer. But I later re-sized it for a 15" sub. It wouldn't be difficult to put it back for an 18".
I built it as a test, using the cheapest wood available. I just wanted to see how the 18" eD sub performed in this enclosure. It did pretty well. I ended up going with different subs though. And it's time to get rid of this.

I'm going to cut this up on June 7th and put it out with the trash if nobody wants it.

Here are the dimensions and how it's tuned:
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