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From Vendée France .

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Hello with all

First of all excused my writing, I am French and I do not acknowledge to have been a good pupil for your writing.
I have an installation one can paradoxical: the chance to have a part untreated in acoustics which governed very well with a good sound pressure.
An electronic whole of parts can common for the sound part. A very astonishing result. For the image, I am more traditional.
- Image : Mitsubishi HC4900 for Lumagene Coliseum 2.00m + TV sharp LC-37XD1E .
- Electronic : Préampli : TAG Mclaren AV32R 96/24 bit 7.1 » câbles RCA Kimber Silver streak » Ampli: Thule PA-250B + PA-100B ( = 7 x 100 watts RMS 8 ohms )
- high speaker :Teufel gamme Theater 10 (thx ultra 2) version 7.1 = 5 x M 1000 FRC + 2 x M 1000 D -
Part sub = Velodyne SMS-1 for : M 12000 SW Teufel( oncle doc:gulp: )+Jamo D7sub.

Source : Dvico Tvix 5000U et DVD Denon A1XV
If you have questions, one should not hesitate, I would test to you answer the best possible one.

I like to share the various experiments with other people in way sympathetic nerve and convivial.
Currently, I try to include/understand the “TMREQ room equalization” for the TAG Mclaren AV 32R DP 7.1

Very good day with you all.
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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy thermique and welcome to the Shack!

We are glad to have ya on board... :T


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Welcome to the Shack, glad to have you with us.
Welcome aboard the Shack!

Enjoy your stay with us.
thank you for your reception.

I know that you are accustomed to see things odd, and in order to make you laugh, here an example:
one of my sub: “uncle Doc.:coocoo:”

not very discrete!

very good day with all.
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...not very discrete!...
You're right, cover those speakers, we don't allow showing topless speakers here :rofl2:

Welcome to the forum :wave:

Nice setup ...please share all your experiments/experiences with us :T.
Hi there, I like this sub :T
Welcome aboard. Have fun, Dennis-
thank you still!:cool:

for the writing of my messages, I have minor problems.
I use Firefox but in French version, which does not enable me to have the correction of your automatic writing.

I use a translating program :

it is not too difficult to read?
it is necessary that I also write in French?

to share my experiment with you, will be with pleasure.
it is enough to ask, I would make for best.
merci encore !

pour l'écriture de mes messages , j'ai un petit problème .
j'utilise Firefox mais en version Française , se qui me permet pas d'avoir la correction de votre écriture automatique .

j'utilise un programme de traduction :

c'est pas trop difficile à lire ?
faut il que j'écrive aussi en Français ?

pour partager mon expérience avec vous , se sera avec plaisir .
il suffit de demander , je ferais pour le mieux .
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