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Front of box 1 or 2 boards?

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Hello, im building a box for a SI18. Last night i got my holes for the driver cut out. I cut one circle out at 16.7inch and another out at 18.5inch. It will be mounted on the 16.7inch hole board and the 18.5 will go around it so its recessed. I was looking at other builds and most people have their subs mounted on two boards. I would only have one. Is this a problem? Should i go buy another board and cut another 16.7inch hole so it will be mounted on two boards? is there problems i could have with just one board?:help:
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A single panel will work as long as it's properly braced internally.
Alright thats good to know. I will get some pictures up tomorrow so you can tell me what you think
you are going to love it!! The sense of accomplishment when its painted and working is amazing!!
I cannot wait! The guys at SI said the driver will ship in June when they get them hopefully its early june.
Sorry it took a bit. But what do you guys think? Need two boards?


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No, one board and the recess piece is good. You are going to glue both pieces together right?
What are the dimensions of the box?
You gone to that much trouble why not do a double front baffle and a recess piece. It can only help with sound.
^^^ I agree. You are already there, why not just go through a little extra effort and have a recessed driver? It will add some extra mass which will help, and it will add a little more rigidity as well which isn't a bad thing either.
yes i am gluing them both together and the box is 22x22x22
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