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I have 4 very well built and finished DIYSG 4cuft Sealed cabinets loaded with the SI HT18D2 V1 drivers, duratex finished, Neutrik connector and wired in series.

The fit and finish is very good on these. Well dampened with polyfil. Wired in series for 4ohms at the connector. Drivers mounted with T nuts for easy removal downline (not screw tapped into wood permanently). Two of the 4 have heavy duty Carpet Spikes. These work very well and I have rings for the spikes for hard floors. Dayton brand. These sound incredible and have served me very well, however onward and upward I go to the world of JTR sub madness.

I am located in CT. I prefer local pickup. Right now it’s probably only option for these four. I am preferring to sell the lot of four and spare driver to one good User’s home at this point.

If you are not local, I can inquire about possibly packing and palletizing these, but it will be at cost. If that works for you let me know.

I will entertain offers on the drivers if there’s not a user who can benefit from the complete setup locally. Will sell all 5 drivers together only. Empty Cabs will be available after that for a great deal if I have to go that route.

FYI: SI not offering the HT18 V2 until further notice, totally gone off the Website with no warning!!( to my knowledge as of the writing of this ad)

Complete sub turn key cost, 4 subs and a spare driver: $1150

I also have two QSC PLX1804 amps which drove these subs, very clean with plenty of headroom. With Sealed having headroom available is key for setting a curve w/PEQ (can put a small LF shelf in place) These are 900w per channel at 4 ohms with very low THD, with the limiter these barely broke a sweat and are a great match for the subs.

$650 for the two amps plus packing and shipping. These are also in great shape and professionally racked.

Package of Amps and complete Subs (w spare): $1600! Local pickup only.

I’ll drive a reasonable distance with my truck to meet or will deliver for an additional $$ to cover time and mileage in the area.

Sub 1:

Sub 2:

Sub 3:

Sub 4:

Amps: (Not the GX5s, the lower two PLX)

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