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I am going through and doing a bit of "cleaning". After I bought the Onkyo 806 and ELT speaker set I just don't need this stuff any longer. I do not have orginal boxes. The speaker cabinets are in good shape, however, I have had to drill into them for brackets so I could wall mount etc. Everything works perfectly. Shipping would be a pain, so, I would like to limit this to local pick up, or, I would be willing to travel up to 100 miles ( any direction from Indianapolis, Indiana) and we can split the cost of gas.

This would make a great starter system. I used it in an apartment and it was great for that purpose.

I'm asking $400 for the following

1 Onkyo TX-SR 530 in black ( No HDMI)

All speakers / Sub are JBL

1 Pair E30
1 Pair E20
1 Pair E10
1 EC35 in Beech. I got the beech by shipping error, but, it was not in view so I did not mess with returning it.
1 EP250 ( also in Beech)

If there is any interest reply here or shoot me an PM.
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