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SOLD: "Modified" Art CleanBOX

SOLD: "Modified" Art CleanBOX:2-Way Stereo RCA Unbalanced / XLR Balanced Convertor Box with individual Level Controls.

Item has been very lightly used for home audio. It has been Modified with 1uf capacitors to fix the frequency response of the stock units. You can see from the graph what a difference it makes. Blue is the modified Box and Red is the stock box. Heres the link to the mod thread....
Asking $30 plus $10.99 shipping. Pay pal only. Will only ship with in the USA.

This Item has now been listed on Ebay so if your interested you will have to buy it through there. Thanks

ARTcessories - a full line of clever, affordable processing tools for live sound, stage, and studio. The ARTcessories line is designed to deliver solutions for a number of audio needs - like having phantom power, having one or two more mixing channels, testing cables, headphone processing, preamplification for microphones and turntables, and many more real-world applications. With their affordable prices and simple design, the new line of ARTcessories will satisfy the needs of working musicians and sound engineers everywhere.

Problem: You have a stereo output from a CD player (tape deck, VCR, computer sound card or other consumer electronics gear) and you need to connect it to the balanced line inputs of your mixer (EQ or other piece of professional audio equipment). Actually, there are three problems: 1.) Your source has RCA connectors and you need to connect to an XLR input. 2.) Your source signal is unbalanced, but you require a balanced signal where you're plugging into. 3.) The signal levels have to be matched properly.

Solution: Use a CleanBOX! It's RCA-to-XLR channel 1 takes RCA signal, matches the signal levels and then provides a balanced (XLR) output.

Problem: You have the balanced stereo output of a mixer (an EQ or other piece
of pro audio gear) and need to connect it to the inputs of a cassette deck, computer sound card , VCR or another type of consumer electronics unit. The three problems above apply here as well (except your source is balanced, and you require an unbalanced audio signal).

Solution: Use a CleanBOX! Its XLR-to-RCA channel 2 takes a XLR balanced signal, matches the signal levels and then provides an unbalanced (RCA) output.

Problem: You want to mix your voice (and/or instrument) with a CD and record the mix on a cassette deck or computer. Now you need to interconnect three pieces of equipment; two consumer level and one balanced pro audio level (the mixer). You have to go from unbalanced RCA to balanced XLR and from balanced XLR back to unbalanced RCA.

Solution: Simply use both channels on your CleanBOX .

• Dual channels - RCA unbalanced-to-XLR balanced and XLR balanced-to-RCA unbalanced
• Dual female RCA inputs and outputs plus dual XLR female Ins & male Outs
• Dual level controls, one for each channel
• Maximum Output Level: +18dB BAL, +12dB unbalanced
• Maximum Input Level: +22dB balanced and unbalanced
• S/N Ratio: > 9 0 d B
• Input Gain: -8dB balanced/ +20dB unbalanced
• Power: 12V DC (Adapter Included)
• Dimensions: 4.625 x 5.625 x 1.75 inches (92mm x 142mm x 45mm)
• Weight: 1lb (450g)


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