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I have for sale a pair of big beauties :unbelievable:

$1700 for the pair!

I hang mostly on AVS but have expanded selling these due to the fact shipping is out of the question. I live in Eugene OR, willing to travel for a sale at buyers expense. I feel I have these priced very aggressively and have checked into Enterprise renting an XL cargo Van at about $300 for 275 miles one way I think it was. Anyway logistics can be worked out if needed :)

These were designed by John, LTD02 on AVS who is well known for designing subs, built by me over 80+ hrs of labor, over 20 gallons of MDF dust! 7 tubes of PL Premium! 7 sheets of 3/4" MDF and 1 sheet of 3/4" ply, and two Diablo straight bits eaten up! Massively braced!

Made from .75 MDF, two thick coats of black Duratex textured finish, recessed through top 0.75 MDF layer with a nice round over edge mounted to a double 0.75 plywood baffle/mounting and mounted with 1.5" hex head self tapping lag bolts. Nuetrik Speakon connectors.

FTW 21" Driver rated at 34mm Xmax, high quality made woofer.

Enclosures are around 17 cu ft (give/take with bracing), 15.7hz port tune, modeled for 126db with 2000 watts, add 6db for duals factor in room gain (6-18db) and thats all ya need!

Crest Pro Lite 7.5 two channel Amplifier providing 2240 true RMS wattage PER Subwoofer!

Size: I had John design these with absolute minimal foot print as possible to save precious room space. 24"x24"x76"

My subjective opinions: The best way I describe experiencing these is likened to an experience in a high horsepower vehicle. Have you ever ridden in a car that when wide open throttle it was a mix of excitement yet fear of the raw power at the same time? Thats what happens with this level of bass, raw ear grinning 'powa' as 'Ahnold' would say Now this doesn't mean the size or the larger diameter driver means sloppy and slow. The old "10's are faster than 15's" myth growing up in car audio simply is false. These articulate the notes with precision, the kick drum is deadly punchy and not laggy. This says a lot because I have them in an unideal location in my living room that is not symmetrical, full of nulls and peaks.

Don't want ported or too large? Wouldn't be too hard to modify to sealed, just saying...

Thats an SI18 sitting next to this 21!


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