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Panny 42 inch plasma-calibrated

Dynaudio BM5A mains. Crossed-over internally at 80hz; Kef PSW2500 from 80hz down on mains. :hsd: Kef sub replaced an old NHT Sub1 which only played down to ~48hz or so. The Kef will come pretty close to 20hz. The specs state that it'll hit 15hz, but I think that the low 30s are a bit more realistic...at least in my room.

Kef "eggs" from the KHT 2005.2 for center, rear and back. I have an old Acoustic Research 205vc center but am not using it anymore. :eek:lddude:

M&K V3B for LFE. I plan to change this soon. :scratch:

Emotiva UMC-1 :bigsmile:

Panny 110 Blu Ray

OLD Kenwood 6 channel amp...it's a 56 lb. beast :sarcastic: that works fine for surround. :huh: I didn't like it too much for straight stereo, but it's great for surround only.

Various Monster cables. Monster line conditioner and a HUGE APC battery back-up.
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