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I just ran through the complete Rew step-by-step guide Rev 5.43. I was able to make all the graphs for my front three with the Umik. many of them looked horrible explaining why my setup is not good. before I post the graphs I wanted to clear up some things to make sure I did it right.

I have the following 5.2 set up:
Front 3: Ascend Sierra 2
Back 2: monoprice in wall speakers, In the ceiling directly above the sitting location.
Sub: SVS PC-12 x 2
Amp: Denon X3100
system is 100% for movies/tv and some bass heavy music videos

I did all measurements with Audyssey on, subs on, all 5 speakers set too small.

1) in this scenario since the sub was on and all speakers set too small, I measured from 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz, Does that mean each one of these measurements includes the subs in it?

2) When measuring the two subs should I do them one at a time and then both together or does it not matter?
3) Also the Umik came with a small cover for the head. does that need to be on the mic or is bare metal okay?

3) my game plan is the following:

a) Turn off Subs, measure each of the speakers individually with Audyssey on and off from 15-20000 hz)
b) measure left + right + sub and center + sub with Audyssey on and off from 15-300hz

thanks for your help. hopefully I should have measurements by this weekend.
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