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Getting Strange sounds out of Room Eq W. (Using Mac)

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I have had problem With Room eq Wizard on Mac OSX 10,5,6. When start the generator some strange digital distorted sound comes out. I have had it on PC at my friends place for two years now With out problems just plug and play. I have tried it on a Mac onboard soundcard, some M audio firewire sound card and Pro tools HD system. But the same sound always comes out. So it.s not a soundcard issue.
I am beginning to think that the Room eq wizard doesn,t support leopard system software. But everything seems to work. except the sound out
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Is your soundcard connected by firewire?


One of them. The M audio. But the thing is that all of my sound cards make sound. That.s no problem But when I let the generator make a sine wave, always the same distorted bliss comes out of all my sound cards. Otherwise my sound cards work fine with other software
The idea that Java is suppose to be platform independent is off the table when it comes to Mac, so REW has been adapted as well is it can be, but others have certainly had success with Leopard. Hopefully, you're using an Intel Mac. It must be an Intel for REW to run properly.


That could be the case. Both my laptop and my work computer are powerbook G4 and G5 quad.
I checked the java thing and that is all correct. the version. 5 is on e.t.c I let you know if the Intel will fix this
Just checked on Intel in the other Studio and it work porfect

Regards Finnur
checked on Intel in the other Studio and it work perfect
That's good. Also note that Apple's Java implementation doesn't make firewire connected soundcard inputs available to Java applications, even when you have set them as the defaults in the sound preferences. So, only USB soundcards or internal cards are usable with REW when using an Apple...

Hello, I'm on a macpro 2.66 OSX 10.5.8 with latest java.
I have the same problem the post starter had.
My sound card is Digidesign Pro Tools HD connnected to an Apogee Rosetta 800.
I've also tried it on my laptop PC and it seems to work fine.
These are my java settings.
Any input?
Thank you

ranieri senni


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