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Getting the upgrade itch

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It's been awhile since I have posted on here but I have been reading a lot. I built awhile back 2 x 12 inch soundsplinter diy subs powered by a tapco j1400. I have a build thread on here somewhere.

I am thinking about doing a new build using the following drivers

RE Audio SEX15D4 15 inch subwoofers.

Fs = 31.53 Hz
Qms = 6.094
VAS = 2.527 cu.ft
Xmax = 21mm
Sd = 127 sq.in
Qes = 0.839
Le = 1.273 mH
Re = 1.384 ohms
Z = 1.66 ohms
Pe = 750 watts

I would like to build two sealed boxes. RE audio shows them to need 2.0 cu.ft for sealed.

Could someone model these in a sealed box. I would wire them both to 4 ohm load feeding them 1400 watts bridged.

Thank you
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Sorry for the extra long delay, I just noticed your post!

It looks like 4cuft sealed, with lots of fill, would take over 1000W, so two on 1400W would be amp limited without worry of bottoming the subs. You could go even bigger. 2cuft is tiny for this sub and would probably be intended for car audio.


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