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GIK Acoustics

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GIK Acoustics
3065 McCall Dr, Unit 8
Atlanta, GA 30340
770-234-5919 fax
[email protected]

Most Quality recording and sound equipment are flat eq within 6db, giving the listener the opportunity to hear clear, lifelike sounds. The problem is that most of the rooms have poor acoustics, taking away your pure sound enjoyment. GIK Acoustic products are designed with the same material that is used in today's professional recording studios, giving you back the joy of sound for a reasonable price.

With thousands of GIK acoustic panels and bass traps sold around the world with locations in the US and Europe it is clear that GIK Acoustics is the #1 Choice for recording studios, home theaters and places of worship. We invite you to contact us to determine which combination of products best suits your needs.

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About 3 years ago, a friend talked me into adding bass traps to my HT. I got recommendations from bpape on what to do. I ended up with 5 GIK Monster Traps in my room, plus R30 above the suspended ceiling - another bpape recommendation.

I could not believe the difference the traps made! And the service from GIK was top notch. Very easy to work with and they will even make custom sizes for a nominal extra charge.
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