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Good Deal on Music-Worthy Bluetooth In-ear Phones by Phiaton

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Hey in-ear headphone type listeners:

No affiliation whatsoever here. I just tried out a borrowed set of these yesterday, and today ran across a really good price for them HERE, the Phiaton PS 20 BT in-ear phones. MSRP is $129, normal street price around $100, and here they are on sale for $79, plus $6 for shipping, don't know for how long. My brother owns a set, wears them about 20 hours a day, no exaggeration, doing handyman work, answering phone calls, listening to audio books and music all the time. He is in love with them, and I can attest that they sound surprisingly good. If you are looking for an in-ear Bluetooth setup for your compatible phone (I think these are Bluetooth 3.0) and would like to use them for music, too, these are worth checking out. If you can just get them seated right (a bit of a problem for me, but hey, maybe my ears are shaped weird), they really, really do sound nice. Again, no connection with the seller, just passing on what looks like a pretty good deal if it suits you.

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