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Bought a Google Nexus 7 this week, So far really cool and fast.
I have not hacked/rooted or unlocked for more functions yet, gonna get the 4G (cellular internet) next week. It's only 50 more.

I'm off to try some remote control apps later.

In my experience to do social and email plus web it's fully up to speed with iPad2 or better.
The app store is pretty deep now "not feeling like I'm missing any important apps"

The gaming is superb! If you overclock it at the cost of reducing batt life to around 5-6 hours you can reach sand exceed number one Android bench marks and it feels iPad 4 fast with a very good near retina display. Bottom line prices ranging $200 16 gig - $249 32 gig or $300 32 gig 4G for unlocked 4G option you get a Android experience that is as good as it get's for 7"-8" tabs and a serious replacement for Apple if your not a die hard Apple fan...

Can't wait for the 4g
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