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Hello everyone,

I have a new GR Yaris and took some time to take some measurements inside the car with different pan settings as I could tell there was some odd changes happening as I did so. The Car has 2 small rear speakers inside the side panel. Up front it has LF drivers in the doors. MF drivers in the corners of the dash in the far left and right. Tweeters in the bottom of the pillars next to the MF drivers. There appears to be a central speaker as well but that could be separate for notifications etc.

Now with the Dayton EMM-6 near drivers ear position pointing to the roof for all measurements, there appears to be some odd stuff going on.

I have all of the measurements attached. Can someone look over them and have a look please? Apart from the lack of any sound insulation in the doors creating the long decay you can see in the waterfall page from the LF drivers (which I have since installed some sound deadener but have not re-measured) as well as the Tweeters having a little issue with the glass, the right output seems to have a very different measurement to the left side.

Does it look like, for example, the MF driver has been wired out of phase or something? Or am I being a little sensitive? haha


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