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Hi guys, well it looks like a a noob on a new site....oh well gotta start some were.

Just wanted to join and say that I have gotten alot my information from this site and its great. Im 25, and have a wife and 2 kids...and a 11 month old Boxer. I have been interested in HD for awhile and am starting my set up.

living Room:
ViewSonic PJ set at 110"
DIY screen (dry erase board with Behr UPW)
Harmon/Kardon amp/receiver
2 Klipsch Gold series II speakers
2 Magaplaner 6ft speakers (old school but still sound great)
Velidyne subwoofer
PS3 with HD FURY hdmi to VGA adapter

32 inch Poloroid LCD
Bose acoustimass receiver and sub
B&K bookshelf speakers

well thats my setups for now, I look forward to sharing my knowledge any learning from all of yours!

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Welcome to the Shack!

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy there ztwenty4door and welcome to the Shack!

We hope you find yourself hanging with us regularly... :T


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