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Greetings and gratitude from L.A.

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No, not Lower Alabama, Los Angeles. :)

Real nice looking place y'all got here.
Seems like a place maybe even a musician has a prayer of making sense outta all this soundwave, frequency, FFT hocus pocus.

I'm trying to set up a studio space to mix music in, and found my way here via Ethan Winer's real traps site, where he highly recommends the REW software for room analysis.

Whoo boy talk about learning curve. So, that's what y'all learned in those science classes, eh?

Ok, looks like I'll be reading for a while, but I'm sure I'll prolly be back with confused questions soon enough.

Thanks for providing this valuable resource!
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Welcome Fletch. Have fun. Dennis
Heehee... I hear ya!

Welcome to the forum... even if you are from the greater L.A.... :T
Welcome to HTS. Glad to have you with us.
Hello and Welcome to HTS.
Hello and welcome to the Home Theatre Shack :T
Hi Fletch and welcome..
Welcome to HTS! :)
Glad you could join us, jerry!
Welcome to Home Theater Shack, Fletch.

See, Sonnie, there is another place called L.A.
Hello and welcome to HTS! :wave:
Welcome Jerry! I am from the LA area also =)
Thanks for the warm welcome, folks!

After a week of wrestling with a hairy rats nest of y-cables, adapters, and feedback loops I've finally managed to generate something other than a huge headache. I've actually got a screen full of squiggly lines, which suggests some sort of progress. So, I'm off to the REW forum for some sage advice on what these squiggles might be saying.

So, thanks again yall, and wish me luck... hope it only hertz for a little while! :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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