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Hi, My name is bozobytes. :yay2:
I live in Anaheim, Ca. I love music, I used to play drums in a band and yes, we were even blessed with our 90 seconds of fame on the original Chuck Barris' Gong Show way, way back in 1977. NO, we did not get gonged. Peter Lawford,Arte Johnson,and Zsa Zsa Gabor were the judges and each gave us 10 points, but it ended up in a three way tie. We played an old bluegrass rendition of "Muleskinner Blues'. The other members are still playing in various Blues and Rock bands, and myself? well I just play the radio and my Mp3 player.

Ok, so I love music and now I want to add a little more spectrum to my little modest 12'x9' room with surround, or maybe just a 3.1.
On the Audio and Video home front, I'm lost. Too many choices in speakers and AVR's ..But I will save this for the forums.

Nice to meet each and everyone of you out there in shackland! Take care, and happy Holidays! :yay:

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Hi Jimbo, Welcome aboard!

Enjoy your say with us.
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