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Hello, Home Theater Shack forum members! I’m an (almost) 40 year veteran in the home theater field. I worked retail and can well remember the introduction of every important new technology from Hi-Fi VCRs to LaserDisc players, Dolby Pro-Logic and Dolby Digital, 1080P HD video, and everything since. With 4K video and object-based surround sound, I believe that we’re living at the pinnacle of immersive home theater technologies. What a thrilling time to be alive!

I am the owner and chief designer of Masterpiece Home Theater in Tucson, AZ (formerly San Diego, CA). I’ve made a great independent study over the years of psychoacoustics, the immersion effect and human visual acuity. (As such, you’ll find I won’t have much that’s positive to say about 8K video.)

My goal when designing home theater systems is always to create something that could be THX certified (If THX still offered home theater certification) - even in multi-function rooms that aren’t dedicated to home theater.

One of my favorite anecdotes that I like to share regarding home theater goes waaaay back to 1976. As a young teenager, I saved up all my wages from a summer farm job and used the money to buy a gloriously quadraphonic audio system (the all-in-one type with an AM/FM tuner, 8-track player, joystick balance control, and a turntable built into the top.)

When Dad finally had to replace the family TV after first the red gun went out and then the blue, I was offered the old “green and white” TV for my room and I jumped at the opportunity! It wasn’t long before I had tapped into the internal speaker wires, (avoiding electrocution by the flyback by sheer dumb luck), spliced on some RCA connectors and hooked them up to the Aux input on my quadraphonic audio system. With the matrix audio mode engaged, I had sounds and voices coming from all 4 corners of my bedroom. (It went really well with my Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs posters!) I cant be certain, but I may have been the first person in America or even the world to have surround sound!
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