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Greetings, from Lima, PERU !

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Actually, I´m an Australian now resident in Lima.
Been a Hifi fan since building tube amps for early stereo LPs at school, then advancing through transistors and ICs all the way through to Surround Sound and HD TV. Along the way I´ve worked professionally and studied digital audio processing. Also have extensive computer systems engineering and ICT experience, and M. IEEE & M. AES.

Right now setting up a digital audio server to store (lossless of course!) a selection of my treasured Vinyl LPs.

This site looks like a great discovery, but I can´t seem to find a forum dedicated to digital audio, servers, repositories, backup, DACs, sound quality, and wireless transmission issues. Have I missed something here ?

Oh well, idealism is for free and great music is forever ... so finally "escaping" to a variety of live concerts from rock through to jazz, recitals, symphony, and opera is the best way to pull both feet firmly down to earth.
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Welcome to HTS!
Welcome to HTS.
Hello and Welcome to HTS.
Welcome to HTS, amco!
Hello from the deep woods of rural Gig Harbor WA. Thanks to everyone on here for sharing all your knowledge with us rookies..
Hello and welcome to HTS! :wave:
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