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Greetings from San Jose CA

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Hi everyone,
I've been trolling various audio forums for several years & I'm quite glad to have stumbled across the Shack. For the past week I've been getting familiar with the place & I gotta say that this forum rocks! Good, friendly advise without the attitude - very refreshing.

I've been a music lover since my early teens (many, many moons ago). No musical talent mind you, but I love to listen. About 15 years ago my wonderful wife bought me a pair of Khorns for my birthday - I was soooo happy :jump: . A couple years ago she agreed to let me transform our living room into a media room. Having added an AV receiver, Heresy surrounds, a custom center with Klipsh components, & an IB I think I am officially an audio addict :demon: . With the hardware in place I'm turning my attention to acoustic treatments & equilization. At 49 I still feel like my auido journey has just begun. Hope you're prepared for a bunch of dumb questions.

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Hello Mikie and welcome to the Shack!

Sounds like you've done pretty well thus far. We're glad you like the Shack and we look forward to hearing more about your system setup... maybe some pics too.

Those questions are probably only dumb at some of those other forums... but not here. Ask away... :T
A couple years ago she agreed to let me transform our living room into a media room.
She's a keeper.
A little late, but good to see another Bay Area Californian!
Welcome to the Shack!

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