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Greetings from SoCal

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Hello to all. Hope you have a safe and pleasant summer.

I recently completed a four month (+) DIY home theater project that included the installation of a JBL Synthesis® Array One THX Ultra2 system. Naturally, I'm very, very happy with it, and will share a link to my Web pages on it after my fifth post.

Of course I bought the system from an authorized dealer and had the JBL DACS calibration done by a certified expert, but everything else was bought, built, installed, pulled apart, renistalled, painted, repainted, moved, modified (well you know the drill :bigsmile: ) by yours truly.
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Hi SoCal and welcome..
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy there partner and welcome to the Shack!

I am sure you will find all you need, but if we can help, just holler... :T
Welcome, Doug! Tell us about the installation and the calibration of the system.
Welcome Doug. Have fun. Dennis
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