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Greetings from the Cape

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As in Cape Town.

I'm glad to be finally posting after a long spell in the shadows and hope to contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

When it comes to this forum's subject matter I am mostly interested in what used to be called H-Fi.

My day job involves writing about science and technology. (To be honest, a lot of that could be described as playing with cars.) Not that I'm complaining, but my chosen career has kept me from my true vocation, music.

Outside of this, my obsessions include exploring the mysteries of sourdough, cycling and, from time to time, long-distance running.

I am not so sure, but my wife seems convinced that one day I will grow up.

- Anthony D
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As in Cape Town.
I am not so sure, but my wife seems convinced that one day I will grow up.

- Anthony D
:smile: mine too !
Ha...I'm with two of you guys...and I think my wife is in the same camp as yours! ;-)

I say stay young at heart and enjoy this crazy ride!

Anyhow, great to have you at HTS, Anthony!

If you use Facebook or Twitter, click on the supplied links and follow us! It's a great way to find out about new equipment reviews, news, and HTS forum announcements. We also feature lots of other content.

Hope to see you on the forum! :T

Regards, Todd
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Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:
Welcome aboard Anthony, always glad to have another Shackster on board. I think we need to set up get togethers around differing places so we can learn about all the different systems & how they work first hand. The wives could stay home!!!
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Welcome to the SHACK... Glad you joined.
Welcome to HTS Anthony and thanks for joining.
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