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Greetings HTS Peoples. P50S601 Panel Test Mode??

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Hello all. For the short time ive been here I like the people at HTS already and i plan to visit often and have a few ideas I would like to share but I need some help first. I have a Hitachi P50S601 in which I can only describe is in a panel test mode. It is switching colors as soon as its turned on begining with White-Yellow-Cyan-Green-Pink-Red-Blue-Black-REPEAT. So through my readings the only way to get into this mode is through the remote by pressing MENU + MENU + MENU + 9 + SELECT = Panel Test Mode. Im not sure if it was triggered by the remote or not because I came home from work to find this situation. Any help on getting out of this mode would be very helpful.

I would post a link to the website I recieved my information from but I have not posted five times yet, but its at scribd then search for P50S601 service manual and hopefully you can find it.
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I dont know anything about this test mode but if it is indeed in a test mode there should bea a way to exit out of it. Unfortunately the P50S601-Service-Manual you described doesn't state how to do that so it must be as simple as pressing the exit, menu or power button on the remote.

The first thing I would do is unplug the tv and let it sit overnight to discharge and possibly reset itself.
If that (or pressing exit or menu) doesn't to get out of the test mode, try pressing MENU + MENU + MENU + 9 + SELECT and see what happens. Its supposed to get you INTO Panel Test Mode but maybe it can get you OUT of it as well.

Report Back & Good Luck
Thanks for the reply. I should appoligize for not mentioning this before.

I have tryed leaving it unpluged for two weeks and I have tryed quite a few different key combos including the ones mentioned above. Along with some others.

I don't know if it would help but since its in a loop I wonder if running one sdr board at a time or both would help?
This does not sound like an SDR problem to me.
If it were you would have no picture at all.
Disconnecting the ribbon cables from a single SDR board would only leave you with half a picture on the screen. Pulling the ribbons from both would leave you with no picture.

But take heart because I just read of someone having the exact same issue that was able to figure it out. On the Justanswer.com this question popped up in 2006.

Customer Question

I entered the panel test mode by entering: MENU + MENU+ MENU +9 SELECT and cannot get out of the mode. This is on a Hitachi P50S601model plasma tv.

How do I exit the mode?

This query can be cancelled, I figured it out. Thanks for any time or effort expended on it.

I was able to exit the mode so the query can be cancelled!
Submitted: 917 days and 13 hours ago.
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Unfortunately, they person wasn't looking out for future Hitachi owners and failed to let us know what exactly the solution was!

I will dig deeper and let you know if I find anything out.
Thanks I really appriceate your help and support.
I used that link you gave me and I am waiting for a reply from justanswer. So if I get a reply from them first I will post the answer for future Hitachi users who happen to put their plasma into the "panel test mode."
I emailed Hitachi Support a few days ago about this issue but have not heard back from anyone yet.
I'll hit up twitter and Facebook today and see if I can get a response.

I am also hunting down a legendary C.E.T. that used to work for Hitachi.
I was surprised to find out that he lives near me but haven't found an email address for him.
I'm going to write him a letter (yes a physical letter) and see if I can get a call or email back.
Hopefully he won't reply in letter.... I haven't had a pen-pal since elementary school.
I really do appreciate all the time and effort you are putting into this Kybosh, and I would like to thank you for it.
It seems Hitach Electronics USA have neither a Facebook or Twitter presence.
I even called the customer service number and spoke to someone who genuinely tried to help but since they stopped supporting this model she did not have any technical material available.

Next stop, I'm calling authorized service center to see if someone is feeling generous.
Called a service center and they said unplugging the unit should have reset the pram [?] and the tv set should have exited out of the test mode. He transferred me to another tech and he didn't even know that the Hitachi's had a Panel Test Mode (says they are common in Samsungs).

So after looking into their database he confirmed that unplugging the unit should have reset the tv effectively exiting out of the Panel Test Mode.

He says you have something else going on there.
I'm willing to bet that the person asking the question on Answer.com intentionally entered into TPM and didn't know how to exit out of it. He later figured out that unplugging the set does the trick but was too embarrassed to relay the simple solution on the thread he started.

But back to your problem....
I can't think of what the problem with your set is.
I'd bet that it has nothing to do with the SDRs or X or Y-SUS.
Maybe a logic board? (that was an uneducated guess by the way).

What cables do you have currently connected to the TV?
Do the colors show on all signal sources?
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I was just beginning to think the samething about the logic board. I am assuming it shows on all sources because no menus will show on the screen.

I dont have any cables attached.
Shouldn't the logic board reset after being unpluged?
I just heard back from justanswer and this is what they said..

If someone can help me navigate the service menu then i think we will be golden.

If you are TRULY in service mode, then you should be able to simply press MENU and it will switch from the test patterns over to the Adjustments.....

If you are NOT TRULY in the Test Pattern/Service menu mode, then you simply did not turn OFF the test patterns, and you have to do that.

So....press menu when your turn on your TV and see if the patterns switch over to adjustments.

If it doesn't....then do the Menu 8 command.

This is key....if you cannot access the menu 8 (which is supposed to deactivate the Menu 9) then you're in a whole world of Hurt.....

Now, if you DO get to Menu 8.....then simply power down the TV and unplug the power cord for a full minute.

Plug it back in, and if it still pops up the test patterns, then do the FACTORY RESET listed here ---"which I linked in"


If memory serves me correctly, you just can't back out of Menu 9....you have to press Menu to go to the adjustments, that turns off the test patterns, then you back out of Menu 8.
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From what I see... if pressing MENU on the remote doesn't produce a Customer Menu we have a problem as we already tried unplugging the unit.

The Customer Menu should pop up on the screen when the MENU button is pressed no matter what.
From there you would choose FACT RESET on the screen and all would be well again.

But if nothing appears on the screen when pressing MENU ....
Something HAS TO appear on the screen when the MENU button on the remote is pressed.

I'm thinking that as a safeguard the SERVICE MENU (MENU-MENU- 8 or 9 or whatever) can't even be activated unless you are in the Customer Menu.

Try pressing and HOLDING the MENU button on your remote and see what happens.
Also, try fresh batteries just in case....
I've tried all of that including the batteries so I am ready just to shoot the thing.
Okay, so this just gives more credence to the assumption that something major is wrong with the set.
The flashing test pattern must be just a symptom or by product of the underlying cause.
Some TVs just die while some exhibit odd behavior (like this).

At this point its WAY beyond my skill level. I would consult a local shop about the issue.
Hitachi has a SERVICE LOCATOR which uses your zip code to find the nearest shop.
I would call a few of them up and see what they have to say about this. I suggested a Hitachi recommended service shop as opposed to the good men and women listed on the NESDA directory only because I assume the ones registered with Hitachi would have more experience with Hitachi sets and can diagnose the issue rather quickly.

For a few bucks they can tell you what's really wrong with the set and then you will know if its worth the effort to fix it. At this point I really doubt its anything simple. It's not likely a video (buffers) or a power supply problem as are common in this forum and thus beyond what's reasonable for a do-it-yourselfer with little or no electronics repair experience.

The hard part right now is diagnosing the problem.
If it is indeed a logic board its COULD be replaced for RELATIVELY LITTLE MONEY.
But an accurate diagnosis is what is needed before any money is spent on parts.

If you spent 1-2 billable hours of a repairman's time finding out what was wrong and a little more than $100 to replace the defective part(s) you would have saved a lot over buying another TV.
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Again anoter reply from justanswer.

Well, worst case scenario is the main board cannot control the on screen display that generates your test patterns. That would mean the main board has to be replaced to correct that issue, and when I did a "quick check" on the main board, I didn't find any in stock.

Of course I didn't do "in-depth" searching for the part....just a quick check to see how "available" it was.

That's where we may get into a "whole world of hurt"

So.....did you check and see if your TV was still in service mode by pressing the MENU button and seeing it switch over to the adjustement settings?

Or did you have to do the Menu, Menu, Menu 8 and then see the test patterns switch over to various settings that displayed on the screen?

As long as it switched....then we have "some control" over the computer/system control.

And that's more promising.
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As long as it switched....then we have "some control" over the computer/system control.
And that's more promising.
Nothing happens when you press buttons on the remote right?

As you can see from the link I added to my last post the logic board is ready and available for cheap but we have to know its the logic board at fault or you'll just be throwing $$$ away guessing and swapping parts.
The screen shows that the its reciving the remote signal and that all of the features are still working as far as I can tell because I can switch imputs bc I remember them but I just can't see what I'm doing.

Justanswer replied that I would need to replace the board. I will post it in the morning since I'm on my phone right now. I'm going to try to reset it in the morning and unplug it one more time before I try anything else. I doubt it works but its worth one more try.
Well my thought didn't work so my next step is to pull the board.

This is the post that I receieved from justanswer.

I understand. You have a problem that will require board replacement.

Model -- P50S601

Part number -- UX28027

That's your main digital board that has the system control on it.

Sites that sell that board --




http://www.searspartsdirect.com/par...57/528?psid=124331090&sid=PSx20071217x00001a& ;OVMTC=Phrase&site=&creative=8136510864&OVKEY=ux28027&url_id=124331090&adpos=1o1&gclid=CIXxueqj6q0CFbAAQAodRXGM6A

When you get the new board in, lay your TV face down on a padded table and remove the back cover, remove the plugs, remove the screws and swap the board out.
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