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Greetings HTS Peoples. P50S601 Panel Test Mode??

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Hello all. For the short time ive been here I like the people at HTS already and i plan to visit often and have a few ideas I would like to share but I need some help first. I have a Hitachi P50S601 in which I can only describe is in a panel test mode. It is switching colors as soon as its turned on begining with White-Yellow-Cyan-Green-Pink-Red-Blue-Black-REPEAT. So through my readings the only way to get into this mode is through the remote by pressing MENU + MENU + MENU + 9 + SELECT = Panel Test Mode. Im not sure if it was triggered by the remote or not because I came home from work to find this situation. Any help on getting out of this mode would be very helpful.

I would post a link to the website I recieved my information from but I have not posted five times yet, but its at scribd then search for P50S601 service manual and hopefully you can find it.
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I would strongly recommend you get a proper diagnosis before you start buying costly replacement parts.
Its not life or death but the time and $$ you save could be substantial. I want to say that a logic board failures are exceptionally rare and there maybe something that caused whatever is wrong with the set to happen. That root cause should also have to be identified and corrected otherwise the new component will fall prey to the same fate.
I'm going to pull the boards so maybe it will reset it, or at least thats what im hoping for.
I forgot to ask... is your status light blinking or solid?
The fact the status light is solid is really weird because if there was a detectable fault with the logic board that light should blink an error code. While you are back there you might want to take a multi-meter and diagnos the outputs of the logic board and various other components to see if they are within spec as listed in the service manual. I havent looked at the manual for your unit indepth but it should have a diagnostic And troubleshooting flow chart for each major component. If you are going to do it right thats the place to start.
I finally pulled it off of the wall and pulled the back off of it and I found two swollen caps on the pwr board. I'm looking into the volts and whatnot but I am unsure of what else to look into
Yeah those two caps alot of us have issues with are going bad. I am thinking your sdr boards will be fine since it is showing video. I am thinking one of the other boards is bad. Maybe the input digital board or a logic board. I would replace the swollen caps with new ones. It's only a matter of time if they are swollen already. I am thinking its going to be the digital board or the logic board. If you have no sound or anything i am thinking the digital board. Check ebay to see if anyone has a cheap one.
I appoligize for the long wait but the main logic board went out so thanks for all of your help.
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