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Grills that will protect my woofers/APRs

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My sub will be in the living room where there is activity. I want grills that will actually protect the woofer.
Reliable H/W has got grills for the right price but my SDX10 and APRs are surface mounted with that big gasket.


These don't look like they will fit over the gasket. I could cut the gasket down i guess or make a new gasket altogether but they look like they are meant to cover flush mounted drivers.

Basicly i want heavy duty grills, function over form to some degree

*I'm posting a lot in this section. If i need to chill please feel free to say something*
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No worries, post away!

You might try searching for PA grills, I doubt they'd be the most attractive but I'm guessing you'll be able to find some nice metal ones. The ones you posted look like the ones I've seen before.
PA Grills, i'll take a look.
i appreciate all your input. this build im doing was your suggestion
this is a lot of fun. i did my last wood filler pass and primed the bottom last night. i'll prim the rest of it tonight and we'll paint it tomorrow

thx fusseli
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