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I've tried messing with T/S params on BBP6 and WinISD Pro to try to learn how different specs alter the FR but didn't get vary far. Talking the other day about plotting the non-exhistant Sicko-X got me thinking, as well as thinking about serious manufacturers going up from 18's to 21's and 22's...

Some day down the road the Parthenon motor could be built even larger, and a basket structure, for a 10'X10' sub, lets make it square too...

what parameters can you invent and be able to plot without just getting errors on WinISD Pro? Just to play, look into the future.

I think the Parthenon has a 70mm Xmax, but the Sicko was guessed to about 54? 5" coil? I need to re-research them both and make a ratio of the 18" to 120" or the 21" to the 120" for an idea as well.
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