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Hello people,

I've got pretty much all my components lined for an IB sub build but before I cut a nice big hole in my living room/HT hardwood flooring I need to find a grille. Since this will be visible, I would like to put in something presentable and safe. I'm considering the following options so far:

1) Buying a cast metal ventilation grille (this may take some time to find since most likely source would be antique dealer or recycled demolition material).
2) Making hardwood eggcrate style grille as found in old craftsmen houses. This would test my woodworking skills and woodworking equipment limitations.
3) Weld something up in steel. This would give me a bit more design freedom.

I've pretty much ruled out the sheet metal type grilles due to aesthetic concerns. I also want to avoid the modern or industrial look.

This being said, I'm looking for some guidelines as to open area of grilles or what features to look for in a grille for an IB sub. Does anyone have any recommendations? What have you used that might meet the above criteria? Are there alternatives I should be considering?

For reference, I will be using a manifold design with 2 IXL18.4's. The manifold will be built square in case I want to add a second pair of 18's.

Thanks for your input.


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