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Hang screen from ceiling (not a roll up screen)

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Due to the layout of my living room I'm forced to hang a screen from the ceiling (there's a partial wall and a staircase behind the screen). My current plan is to build a wood frame and attach MDF board to it and a nice border, then paint it with Black Widow and hand it from the ceiling. Couple things I'm wondering about though.

Does anyone have any good ideas how to hand the screen and make it look nice? I'm looking for a finished build in look (or as close to it as possible). It will be about 20" from the ceiling. Also is there a better way of building a screen that can be painted and hung from a ceiling?

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Nope. It's 10 x 20 foot living room with a large opening to the kitchen on one long wall (open concept), two doors to two rooms on the other long wall, a window on the back short wall and a staircase on the front short wall. So the only real way to lay it out is to put seating in front of the windows and project to where the stair case is. It's not the ideal room for a home theater but I can make it work :)

Does the staircase go down to a lower level, or up ..? If it goes down, then I've seen screens fixed to the staircase wall..ie, you project over the railing to the wall behind..
Some pics of the room would help..
Hi Harry,

You haven't said if this screen is going to be a permanent installation or one that you can take down easily.

It would also be nice to know what projector you are using (and if it is ceiling, shelf or table mounted) and how large a screen you intend on making. :)

Hanging a screen directly from the ceiling has always worried me; unless you can suspend it from the supporting members themselves, there is always the possibility of the connector pulling out of the ceiling - and that is something we certainly don't want.

IMO, the most invisible support system would be an extended "French cleat". Below is a YouTube video explaining what a French cleat system is. If you don't want to make them yourself (or don't have the tools), metal ones are available at many hardware and home improvement stores; although they may not be called French cleats, but something like "picture hangers", "mirror hangers" or somesuch.

YouTube - French Cleat
You beat me to it Harp..:bigsmile: That's exactly what I was going to recommend after seeing the photo..

Personally, I would find that mounting position too high for comfortable viewing..but from the seating distance you're talking about, it might be OK..
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