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Hang screen from ceiling (not a roll up screen)

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Due to the layout of my living room I'm forced to hang a screen from the ceiling (there's a partial wall and a staircase behind the screen). My current plan is to build a wood frame and attach MDF board to it and a nice border, then paint it with Black Widow and hand it from the ceiling. Couple things I'm wondering about though.

Does anyone have any good ideas how to hand the screen and make it look nice? I'm looking for a finished build in look (or as close to it as possible). It will be about 20" from the ceiling. Also is there a better way of building a screen that can be painted and hung from a ceiling?

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I do not have any experience with DIY screens ... but, I'm wondering: Is that the only place where you can install it??? ... you mentioned a partial wall and staircase behind the screen; is there any other wall where you can permanently place the screen without hanging??? :dontknow:
... It's not the ideal room for a home theater but I can make it work :) Harry
I'm sure you will :T ... Out of curiosity: Why you don't want a roll up screen??? :hide:
...Some pics of the room would help..
I agree with the Prof. ....another option could be to make a screen on wheels (I remember I saw a thread about it); you can move store it when not in use ...:yes:

EDIT: Here is the link to thread ...http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/projector-screens-diy-screens/13238-screen-wheels.html
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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