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Harbottle Audio - TLD 18”

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Hey everyone!
I thought I’d share with you all my recent subwoofer build. After owning many subwoofers over the last 20yrs, running through all the normal sizes...8” 10” 12” 15”....a few of the basic designs....sealed, ported, passive radiator, bandpass, I decided I needed to jump into the world of large drivers. Yes I know we have access to 21” 24” & possibly larger subwoofers, but I personally wanted to see what a top of the line 18” driver is capable of in my home.

My living room is not all that large, totaling approx 225sqft (13.5’x 15.5”x 8.5’). I can close that area off if I shut all the adjacent doors leading to rooms/kitchen/dining which is nice for gaining some mid-bass impact.

After much research I decided that I wasn’t going to cut any corners with the driver I purchase. I became aware of Harbottle Audio, who is partnered with Funk Audio. Harbottle Audio has developed a driver that is an absolute diamond in the rough. The TLD 18”. The fundamental design theory behind all of their driver developement is Low Distortion Low Compression aka LDLC. Designing from that standpoint is what really sets them apart from most if not all other subwoofer manufacturers on the market. It’s a MUST read for any of you enthusiasts & there is a great write up on the Harbottle Audio website. I highly recommend checking it out.

Once I spoke with Cody Hiebert, owner of Harbottle Audio who designs the drivers alongside Nathan Funk of Funk Audio & was given a short lesson on what his drivers are capable of, I was convinced. Well...that & also the incredible track record of this driver along with all their other products.

I think that’s enough babbling from me. I know you all clicked on this to see the pics. I’ll be putting together my thoughts on it’s performance in the near future. I’ll probably write up a full review on a separate thread. So keep an eye out for that if you’re interested because I can tell you this, the TLD driver is doing something I NEVER thought an 18” subwoofer could do!!

And now the pics....

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I forgot to add the subwoofer info.

Harbottle Audio - TLD
dual 4ohm 18”

Funk Audio M1
1000w RMS/2000w Peak

19.5w X 24”h X 21”d
3/4” Baltic birch including bracing
1.5” baffle
Sound deadening & 2” foam lining interior

SVS Soundpath x4

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