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Hard [expensive] lessons learned

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1. You need to connect an HDMI cable to your shinny new receiver first. The cable goes goes from [1] the OUTPUT ARC HDMI out jacks of the receiver to the HDMI ARC inputs on the TV.

2. It is a lot easier plugging multiple output devices like DVD players into the receiver's HDMI inputs rather than plugging them in to your TV and using the TVs Toslink [optical out] for audio playback that needs to be sent to the receiver.

3. Getting an audio and video signal to pass from one receiver another requires that you use the settings menu in the transmitting receiver to tell it to open the HDMI output port.

4. Operating manuals are written in Japanese and then translated to English using a very bad software program. Its best to read them before Step 1 above. Be careful of where you download operating manuals. Viruses and malware are problems.

5. Use the TV remote to check everything. Is the correct HDMI input chosen? Is the TV sound directed to [1] the TV speaker, [2] the Toslink optical output, or [3] HDMI ARC? Is the TV connected to the Internet?

6. Use a AAA battery and touch the two speaker wire leads to the + and - battery terminal. This will make a crackle noise that will help you determine if you are holding the center, or left, or right speaker wire.

7. Automatic speaker level programs by ALL the receiver companies will give you a decent result but you will need to adjust the line levels manually. This is very easy using a sound pressure meter that costs around $50.

8. The Internet is a great source of useful information. A good idea would be to view a video about setting up your brand or model before you start.
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Some good info there!
#4 recently tried to bite me!
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