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Harley rider Here

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Hence my user name, Transplanted southern here on Long Island married to my second wife of 14 years. Been together for almost twenty and have a 5 year old son-name Austin and not after the town in Texas or a wrestler. Thought I went to jr and high school in Conroe. Was a Chef after I got out of the Army and back from Nam. Now I am a Packaging Engineer- Food-Industrial if its in flexible packaging I have seen it packaged. First got into what I thought High End Music back then. I will have to track down a Picture of me with my Reel to Reel in Nam back in base camp. My music taste has always been finding unknown groups or singers, have always no matter what was happening in my life had some kind of semi high end equipment. Even back then was trying ways to enhance the TV or something along those lines adding speakers and such. I have Magnepans 3.5r and MG12 and MMG C center. With a Krell pre and Adcom 7807 amp. 450 watts into 4 ohms x 7 times. I have been on a mission lately to BI-Amp my 3.5r and trying to find all the info I can on that. With the Economy in the area taking a major hit and now I am only on Commission I have to work twice as hard to earn less :). Looking to learn more.
Oh video I have the LED 56" DLP Samsung and the BD1400 Samsung. if things pick up I will upgrade to a newer BD
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Hello Anthony, Welcome aboard the Shack

Enjoy your stay with us.
Hello Anthony. Welcome and we hope you stay a while.
Welcome Anthony. Have fun. Dennis
Welcome Anthony, glad you could join us.
Hi Anthony and welcome..
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