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Harmony 1100 universal remote

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This remote has seen little use. My wife prefers our old Harmony One. So, no use letting is just sit around. You can read all about it here: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support/harmony-1100

Comes with the dock, charger, manuals, software and USB cord. Also, I just put in a brand new battery. The old one had a short life from sitting on the charger for a year with little use.

Here is your chance to get a great remote for a great price. These are selling on Amazon for $300, Overstock.com for $210 and Ebay from $35 broken to $200 working. This one I'm selling for $125 shipped and I'll even cover the PayPal fee.
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A week later and 129 views with no interest. So, how about an even $100 shipped?
I am interested! I haven't even looked in to it yet, but my kid and wife would like something a little easier to use and I am tossing around the idea of putting the A/V rack in the next room over when we remodel. How could I set that up RF? Or does it use IR?
Sorry Doug I didn't mark the item sold. I will change that now.
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