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Harmony "One" and Panamax MAX-5400EX

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I got a Harmony One universal remote control for Christmas :D but cannot seem to get it to control this power conditioner. I have the Panamax set so the SAT receiver, PS3 and HD-A3 always get power, but I also have it configured so when I push the button on the left front part of the panel, the BFD goes on immediately, and then 5 seconds later (or 10 maybe?), the sub amp, integrated amp, HDMI switch and external video processor turn on. This is of course done to avoid the dreaded thump associated with turning on the BFD when the downstream amp is on. I also have it done this way becuase the BFD, HDMI switch and prosound amp are not remote controlled and thus pressing one botton turns them all on. Without the Panamax button being pressed, none of the units besides the SAT receiver, PS3 and HD-A3 get power. So... can the Harmony One universal remote control be programmed to "push" the button?
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The Harmony 1100 and 1000 are a step up, but essentially the same controller in a different package (with a larger color screen, etc). If you want different than a 1100 then you'd want to look at something from Philips or Sony, and then there's Crestron.
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