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Harpmaker RIP my friend

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Harpmaker - Don Terwilliger - HTS moderator, my dear friend and confidant passed away in early June. I had talked to him last in May and he told me that his health had begun taking a turn for the worse. However, he also told me that the doctors had seemed to have fixed the issues and he was starting the road to a long recovery. I had left him on here as a moderator in honor of all that he had done for the forum - which was a lot in the screen forums! It was only after Yiannis asked me a couple weeks ago about Don that I decided to see how things were going again. I emailed, texted and today I finally called only to find his number has been disconnected. A quick google search found that Don had passed back in June and his memorial service was in August.

Don, you shall be missed and forever in my heart! :sad:

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You have my sincere condolences.
Sorry to hear your loss Mech, I figured you guys were friends. His contributions to the hobby will live on here for a long time. We will all miss him.
It's never easy losing a close friend through any circumstances.
My thoughts are with you.
Very sorry to hear that mech. It's always sad losing a part of the community. I'm sure he will be well remembered around these parts for some time due to his participation and contributions.
Rest in peace my friend!! I know you will because you were a gem of a person. Always kind, always there, always calm and ready to help. Anyone who met Don via forum, will never forget him. I have no words for his loss...anything i try to write for him would be an understatement.

Condolences. I had a great time working with Harp and you when we developed the first BW N6.4 mix. I'm forever grateful for the time that Harp spent using real science to advance the hobby.

RIP Harp.

Oh wow, Sorry to hear about this. I had wondered how he was doing. This is sad news indeed.
Sorry to hear of your friends passing, my condolences.
My condolences. I've been reading the DIY screen section a lot over the last few days and he made a tremendous contribution to this community. He will be missed.
Sorry to hear that mech.
This is sad news indeed, Harp was a great guy, and was very helpful to all that asked. He also did a lot of work for the HTS community of his own volition.
He will be missed.
I am so sorry to have logged on after so long to see this.

Don was a good man and great moderator and online friend. I am saddened to hear this.
I'm so sorry for the loss of Harpmaker who has helped me get into DIY screens. We had some private conversation and he was nice enough to check my paint samples.

BTW... It is not my first post as I was "clark17" but I cannot login ( I don't remember password not email I've used :dontknow: :-()
Yes...extremely sorry to learn this. Don was super helpful in working with my screen paint formula (Behr SS/White Opal Pearl), and telling me that it was actually pretty much spot on, much to my surprise and overall joy!.

A huge loss for the forum, and everyone that he helped.
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