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hdc3 btl death penalty Lv5 mayhem havoc DD friend gettn in the game wants SPL

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got a buddy that wants to get a good loud system, looking for a good 18" for loud daily probably in the $500 - $600 range give or take. Vehicle is undetermined for now, most likely an SUV, possibly a small hatchback sports car, either way will slot port and tune around 35Hz. Prolly get a HO alt, 2 AGM batts, and a BXi2608D as I've learned thats the best cheap way to go.

Fully loaded BTL daily option is what we're lookin at now, but want to know what else is in this category?

Thanks all!
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I would suggest that Fi BTL would be very tough and give about anything a run for its money... and slaughter many others. However, I am sure there are others out there to compare. Maybe our guys can make some suggestions.
Is there any reason he's wanting an 18" specifically? What are his goals with the vehicle?
he used to run dual 12's ported, not enough space for dual 15's ported... open to 12's
So again...what are his goals? Just wants stupid loud? Does it have to be musical or is this an SPL vehicle?

Edit: And how do you know there's not enough room if he doesn't have the vehicle yet?
good loud system, loud daily probably
somewhat musical, this is not an SPL burp monster, but this isn't someone who has any knowledge or regaurd for SQ either. He is new for the most part... ran Diamond Audio D1 12's prefab ported before and it made him happy. Now he wants "louder".

So, any SPL burp monster that has any musicallity to it... IA DP, Fi BTL daily option, SSA Nightshade, the list goes on.... should do him just fine.

the vehicles he has been looking at don't offer much room... but to port 2 15's around 30-35Hz should take up more than he will most likely have to offer.

Basically, we dont want to play around with little 12's or 15's. 18's or 21's only please :)
Exodus has their new Mal-21 that is definitely not going to be a shy sub.
Exodus has their new Mal-21 that is definitely not going to be a shy sub.
:D oh yes, that's what I'm runnin Sonnie! I am trying to squeeze 4 of them into a van ported, but with 44"x44" just to mount the subs, that doesn't leave much for a large slot port. So I may only run 2 of them giving them more airspace and a very large port. But my buddy just wants loud, something he can beat up on and it keeps going... but you're right, I think 3-5 cubes @ 30-40Hz would be loud enough for him as well...

I think he lost interest, he doesn't have a lot of audio knowledge and I think I overloaded him :(

I would like to see him get an MX too
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