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I'm looking for an HDMI ARC Surround Sound decoder that will do the following:

1. Provide 5.1 RCA unbalanced analog outputs so I can feed powered speakers (I have a bunch of Event BAS 20/20 speakers to use for the LCR and surrounds. I'll look for a suitable powered sub.)

2. Provide analog output for all audio formats that are decoded, regardless of the format being compressed or uncompressed. (I think that most of the decoders available now can only extract uncompressed audio. Compressed formats such as Dolby Digital can't be decompressed and extracted to the analog outputs - they're only passed though the optical and HDMI outputs. Is this because the Dolby license isn't available?)

3. Allow the CEC from the TV's HDMI ARC to control the output (volume) of the decoder. (I want to control the volume with the TV remote.

All of the HDMI extractors I've read about imply that they only pass uncompress audio though the analog outputs.

Obviously, I'm trying to avoid buying a receiver since a new TV has multiple inputs and a remote that can switch between them and control volume.

This would also let me use a separate EQ and compressor on the center channel to improve speech intelligibility.

Thanks for your advice and leads.
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