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Hi all,
Question. I have one 720P and 1080P (3) flat screens and (1) 1080P Panasonic projector. Currently have been using a JTech splitter without any issue for a year now. I do not want to down play the 1080P picture quality and was thinking of getting a switch instead to solve the problem and we would be happy to view one at a time.
Want 3D and all the best that I can find. Any suggestions? What kind of switch would I need. Most of the viewing is from the Comcast box and I have my PS4 plugged directly into my 4K Onkyo receiver so that is not a problem. Is there a switch that will automatically switch to the one you are watching and not downgrade the signal if I am using the 1080P projector? Rather than disconnecting the HDMI to the 720P flatscreen I had hoped a switch would work?

Thanks to all for any assist

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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