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HDTV Shootout Livestream

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The Value Electronics HDTV Shootout begins today at 6 PM sharp and tomorrow at 1 PM sharp (Eastern Time).

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1:09pm EST Sunday: Looks like you're having some questions/confusion regarding calibration. Have all these sets been calibrated for best performance or is this just out of the box? Seems like, for the most level playing field, all sets should b calibrated for best performance.
So these are base don the calibrated setting, correct? Wow, that LG just took a beating. So much for plasma being the king of Black Level, at least in the hands of LG engineers. Is it possible the unit was faulty?
Looks like I'm getting an Elite....!

Thanks to you and your team Robert!
I don't know. The Panasonic seemed to be more consistent in all categories.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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