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Hello All! New member from the great state of TN

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Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself - I’m a middle aged married man (36 yrs young) with two great kids that’s addicted to anything audio. As of right now, my addiction rests on finding a suitable diy projector screen to use with my new benq HT2550 projector that I just received the other day. So the next couple of hours and days, I will be combing through the forum for ideas and I will most definitely lean on the vast experience the members have on this forum for some much needed advise.

Equipment that I have currently:
AVR: Onkyo tx-nr 787 (New Purchase), Yamaha v679 (going to a different room or going to sell it - haven’t decided)
Speakers - All Klipsch
Front Right/Left RB-61II
Center: R-25c (need to replace to match front left/right speakers
Surrounds: R-15M
Projector: Benq HT2550
Projector Screen: looking for a solid diy solution
Nvidia Shield
TV: Philips 55PFL5601 - 4K (POS $200 Black Friday special - and it’s horrible, wife bought it as a surprise Christmas gift and I’d break her heart if I returned it, especially since it didn’t have any apparent flaws. So it will suffice until I build my own projector screen - which I hope to find many ideas on this forum).
Desktop workstation: Audio Engine A5+ for speakers
Headphones: Sennheiser 6XX, Audio-Technica M50X, AKG K7XX
Headphone Amp: Apogee Grove

Again, looking forward to exploring this forum and finding ideas for my diy projector screen. And hope to make many friends as time goes by.

PS. My father-law owns a printing and direct mail company and he has all kinds of different materials that he prints on, so I was wondering if maybe I could utilize that resource when exploring ideas on my diy projector.
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