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hello everyone, new guy here, may i ask for your knowledge and expertice?

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hi everybody,
allow me to introduce myself;
my name is rob, i'm 34, live in seattle, office is in redmond- i am a sales rep in the electronic component industry.
i was hooked on electronics as a kid and visited a/v and car stereo shops all the time, just to look having no money. ended up getting a job in a mom and pop car stereo joint, then was recruited when a new a/v retailer came to town. put in 6 years there and was able to go through some really fun equipment.

anyway, my fellow a/vaholics, i need your help. i have seen denon literature rate the avr 3805 at 110wpc and also 120wpc, and i mean within the same advertisement, not as if they increased the wattage in later year models and i'm confusing the 2. the two manuals i've seen say 120, but again, the denon literature stating 110 is confusing. has anyone else noticed this? (one in specific that i remember is on the denon site under archive at 110) can someone confirm the wattage? I have emails into 2 diff denon addresses and no responses so far.

i am trying to decide between an avr 3805 and avr 4802. if the 3805 is 120wpc, i will go with it for the remote and the fact that it's a newer model.
if the 3805 is 110wpc i will go with the 4802 for 125wpc as i feel the power is more important to me.

the polk system im putting together;
4 rti8's
1 rti a6
1 psw1000
2 back surrounds, haven't investigated yet (suggestions if you like?)

feedback between the 2 receivers in general for my application? i like music loud and clean. rock, r&b, hip hop, rap and i'll be watching a lot of movies

the system i had when i left the a/v job was;
denon avr 5700
denon dcm 560
4 polk ls 90's
3 polk psw 750's
2 polk cs300's
i dont want to spend what it would take to get that sound back but as close as i can for my budget and love of polk and denon

most significant info is the confirmed wattage of the avr 3805, please :(

thank you very much for taking the time to read my note and i look forward to any help/suggestions in response.
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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy there iheartdenon and welcome to the Shack!

We hope you find yourself hanging with us regularly... :T


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The difference in power between the 2 will not be noticeable. Go with features, not the power. If the AVR you choose has pre-out, you can add an external amp, which is what you'll need for a noticeable power increase.
Hello Rob,
Welcome to the Shack!

I agree with Marshall, dont go by the wattage rating go with the receiver that has the features you like.
Do not discount Yamaha, Harmon Kardon or Onkyo as they also have some great receivers in the same price range. Onkyo has the best bang for buck right now so have a good look at them before you buy.
Hello Rob, Welcome to the Shack.

Me too,.... don't worry about the watts, you would not notice any difference.
To answer your question, the 3805 power amp rated output is;
120 W at 8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.05% T.H.D.

Dynamic power;
140 W x 2ch at 8 ohms
210 W x 2ch at 4 ohms
240 W x 2ch at 2 ohms

I'd guess the 110 rating was a misprint or was rated a different way.

As for the 3805 remote,...well,... if ya can't say something nice........
The Denon remote is,...well lets just say I bought a Harmony and the Denon remote has not seen the light of day for years.
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Hey Neighbor!

I live in Woodinville and work in Redmond. Welcome to the shack.
My previous amp was 110W the new one is 130W, both amps were able to drive my Magnepan MGIIIs to levels louder than I want to listen to. I really can’t tell the difference between the two, except for updated features.

First of all ... Welcome to the forum :wave:

Will you be using the AVR for movies too ... or just music??? :huh:

I ask because I noticed you didn't mention any DVD player, TV, etc. .... just the speakers.

If it will be used for movies neither Denon 3805 or 4802 can decode the latest HD audio format (TrueHD or DTS HD), also, they don't have any HDMI connectors needed if you're planing to use a BluRay player.

I agree with Marshall and Tony, if you want more power ... get an AVR with pre-outs and add an external amp; there's some AVR's from Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc. that has a lot of features and also 130-140WPC ...:yes: ...What is your budget for the AVR???

Good luck ...:T
i'm really impressed with the feedback, guys!

marshall, thank you for the feedback. what kind of wattage increase would make it worth it? if we're talking about 110 wpc, what would i have to hit to notice with those speakers? i understand the option w/ the pre-outs, i don't see myself ever buying an additional amp. 140, 170wpc for any diff? from my experience the more power by maybe 20 watt increments just gave a bit more stability and control at higher volumes, and maybe some cleaner highs and better lows at lower volumes. not really though?

thanks again for your valuable feedback.


Really, don't worry about it. You need to focus on the features, not the power. Every manufacturer tends to measure wattage differently, so numbers 20W +/- aren't going to tell you anything.

If you did go to a more powerful external amplifier, you'd likely notice better dynamics at loud volumes, but unless you really crank your system, any capable AVR will be fine.
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