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Hi everybody,

I am Tomlegnein, hifi lover since my youngest age.
I am also passionate about the automobile and especially the Attic asians.

Currently I have a system composed of Klipsch Horn mk3 powered by a Mc Intosh MC2100.
We add a Klipsch RC-7 powered by a Yamaha MX-1, Klipsch Scalas with a Rega Maia block and Klipsch RT-10d on an Anthem D2 processor.

In source I am on a Rega P9 Exact cell and in digital a Cambridge 751BD player with Darbee and a raspberry with coaxial output.

Big cable mix with home, Scotland and Transfer for the signal then from Isotek and Transfer for the area with Isotek Mira treatment, Sigma and dual dedicated line equipped Real Cable and Furutech. HDMIs are Audioquest Vodka to attack a TV Panasonic 50V10.

To develop the image with a JVC projector and screen screen research.

I have fun on all the music, everything depends on the context and the entourage.
By car I am rather electro, alone at home trip hop and new wave.
In French song pair, prog and pop rock.
For the zic party of the 80/90 years that make move ...

I am looking to learn about calibration and acoustics in general to improve my system as well as to improve my work. Indeed I am HIFI seller at the "Artisans du Son" in Mulhouse in France.

This is the outline, see you soon

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Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:
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