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Helo Everyone,

it's nice to find a forum like this.... finally.

I have been in Audio for many years... I went back to school a few years back and re-graduated with a Master of Creative & Performing Arts (Recording & Acoustics) and am currently putting the final touches
to my PhD in the same field...

But it seems that the more we learn, it seems the less we know... or to put it a different way, we discover that there is really so much more that we need to know.... well that we would like to know... and understand...

Anyway I am hopeful to get back to some meaningful recording after my academic detour.

I am living in a tropical Paradise, called Kewarra beach, about 25 kms north of the City of Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia, kind of a remote out post in some ways, but not in others, as the pace of life is reasonably slow.....

I guess I have a dream / goal of moving to Italy someday (sooner rather than later I hope...)
to set up my personal studio in an old barn or similar, and do some more research... I think after too long in the Tropics you (I) miss the seasons.....

I enjoy designing for small room acoustics and listening environments...:wave:

Anyway without getting off the subject too far... Hello to everyone!

Andru :coocoo:

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy there andru and welcome to the Shack!

We hope you find yourself hanging with us regularly... :T



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Glad to have you here. Andru. Have fun, Dennis
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